Hello all.
I am pleased to announce that ClubMicFic250’s inaugural theme is


Light speed, light years, light as a feather, Coke light, traffic light, desk light, ultraviolet light…
I was very tempted to use Telepathy as the Theme, since that was the one we missed and that inspired us to do this thing, but in the end I decided an all new, shiny and fresh, one was the way to go.

As a handy helpful size guide, this post is 250 words. It’s not a lot, is it?
Please try and stick to the word limit – a handful of words either side is okay, but 100 words out (in either direction) will get a Glare. Maybe even a single raised eyebrow. You have been warned! WordPress has a built-in word count – handy.

The submission deadline is

midnight on Sunday 13th June 2010.

No late entries allowed: Glare, eyebrow, etc.

Please add your submissions as Posts in the

Light – 31/05/2010 to 13/06/2010


I realise that not everyone is familiar with RSS feeds, so I’ve added a Subscribe Via Email thingy in the footer. Most updates, announcements, etc. will be done on this blog device, so please make sure that you’re subscribed to it somehow. Thank you!

I am very excited and looking forward to reading everyone’s entries. Yay!
Once this first one is out of the way, we can start discussing if and how we want to change the system – more words, less words, my side, your side, shorter time, longer time, etc.

Some Thoughts

  • Seems you want Themes for theme announcements but we need a place suggest theme ideas from which someone can select (after all do we really want ‘Space Cheese’ to disappear into oblivion … well actually…) like ThemeIdea category perhaps? Or just use General for this?
  • How do we all feel about others joining in – my vote is the more the happier – and can offhand think of 3 people who might want to play. (Did anyone invite egadfly?)
  • Can we get RSS feeds by category (like only submissions) somewhere?

Very excited about starting…

We all missed it, so let’s do our own.

Despite good intentions from all sides, it seems like we all missed the deadline for the micro-fiction compo that I sent around a few weeks ago. Oops!


I like the idea of frequent, short, bursts of creativity and a continuing Micro Fiction mini-competition thing with people I like seems like one ace way to do that. Also, I’d like to get (a lot!) better at writing.

So: here are some first thoughts on how it’s going to work.

General stuff like this should go in the General category.


Choice of theme will rotate around the group. The chooser will have one week to think of something, and it should probably be one word. Like “cheese.” “Space cheese” would also be acceptable.

Theme announcements should be posted in the Theme category.


These will run on a two week cycle.  I’ll announce the first one on Monday 31/05/2010 and submissions must be in by midnight on Sunday 13/06/2010. We’ll start with a 250 word limit and see how that goes. The time and word limits might be changed – we’ll see how we do!

Submissions should go in a sub-category of Submissions, and should be of the form Theme date start to date finish. You’ll see my example for the first one shortly.


Part of the process will be improving our writing, so there are also three categories of feedback that you should mark you submission as, depending on what you want. See descriptions below – match your feeling to the category.

  • “La la la, not listening!”  – add your submission to the No feedback category
  • “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” – add your submission to the Gentle feedback category
  • “Tell it like it is. I can take it!” – add your submission to the Constructive criticism category

I’m going to start with Gentle feedback until I feel like I’m getting okay at this writing thing :).


Right, that’s it for now.

Now I’ll start sending out the invite wotsits and making sure everyone can log on and post stuff, etc.

Any ideas for improvements / changes, either pop a post here or email around.

Very exciting times!