Some Thoughts

  • Seems you want Themes for theme announcements but we need a place suggest theme ideas from which someone can select (after all do we really want ‘Space Cheese’ to disappear into oblivion … well actually…) like ThemeIdea category perhaps? Or just use General for this?
  • How do we all feel about others joining in – my vote is the more the happier – and can offhand think of 3 people who might want to play. (Did anyone invite egadfly?)
  • Can we get RSS feeds by category (like only submissions) somewhere?

Very excited about starting…

8 thoughts on “Some Thoughts”

  1. Re 1: we could do Themes > Ideas and Themes > Announcements to separate the two types.
    However, I had a vague plan not to do any kind of crowd-sourcing or discussion malarkey for Themes. I want to keep the two week time frame and not give anyone a chance to “cheat” by starting early :). Of course, if all but the suggester vetoed Space Cheese, then we would call a redo! (ahem. Was totally going to make it Galactic Fromage for the real theme… mutter, grumble)

    Re 2: might be an idea to keep it small for now, then once we’re rocking and rolling (i.e. once we’ve streamlined the process / categories, etc.) bring others into the fold.
    I get the feeling that more people will result in a higher percentage of submissions – which would be A Good Thing TM. See previous conversations re Social Contract… 😉

    Re 3: indeed we can. Just add /feed to the end of the category URL (e.g. I’ve added links to Feeds, including the General category, to the sidebar. We can update with more feeds as we go along.

    What about the rest of you fictional people?
    By which I mean other members of the gang, and not the voices in my head.

  2. Didn’t notice post until tonight! But I’ve signed up for the RSS feed, so shouldn’t miss any others. To choose a theme: we could post a page requesting ideas, and then eventually have someone either declare the theme from the suggestions (or out of capriciousness), or have people vote on one of those embedded poll thingies.

    1. Ha ha, snap re RSS. :)

      The vibe for me is that this whole process should be as simple and quick as possible, i.e. no discussion / voting on themes. Just one person picking one (every few months, with current numbers). We are all busy, so it seems to make sense to start with a little bit of time commitment and see what happens next.

      If we find that we want a higher word limit, then maybe a longer limit would be better and also some sort of discussion on themes.

  3. I agree that themes shouldn’t be up for discussion – it would take an age to actually get writing. Besides, if you don’t like the theme or can’t think of a story you can just skip it :)

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