Rewrites, Comments, and Incoming


We’ve been chatting in various groupings in cyber- and meatspace about revising / rewriting our stories after feedback from our compadres.
Entries into each Theme should not be changed. It’s important to keep your submission in its original form.

If you want to issue a revised version of your story – fantastic! More writing = more good. :)
I’ve made a start on a future bunch of new categories. Inside the Rewrites category will be sub-categories for each Theme. I’ve added Rewrites / Light. Please thwack the revised edition of your Light story in there. There are no dates on the categories here, so you can rewrite and resubmit a story to any Theme at any time you want (without risking an eyebrow, glare, etc.). It will appear on the full site feed, and the (newly added to sidebar) Rewrites feed.


There’s no major pressure to comment on everyone’s stories, but it does earn you a small number of AEPs (Anti Eyebrow Points) that we may use later when deciding stuff like who to invite next.
Submitting to a Theme earns you loads of AEPs, so everyone has loads at the moment!
(And no, I do not have a spreadsheet keeping track of this. Really, really.)


In other news, Rudy will announce the next Theme today.

3 thoughts on “Rewrites, Comments, and Incoming”

  1. Thanks, Admin-Man!


    Can I make a suggestion that future stories have a title that’s not the theme?
    Alternatively, under “recent comments”, could it show PERSON on STORY by AUTHOR, rather than just PERSON on STORY?

    That way it’s easier to tell where there are new comments.

    Thanking you!

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