It used to be a sure thing.  Sunrise.  Golden rays creeping over the ground, lighting the world.  Not that the sun doesn’t light the world now.  I’m just not there to see it.  I see the sun, alright – you can’t miss it in space.  Actually, you can’t miss them – they are everywhere.  And nowhere.  Speed of light?  Fast.  There are no windows other than the bridge.  What is the point of a window when you are moving too fast to see anything.

Out here you live by sure things.  They keep you sane, they keep you safe and they keep you alive.  To be sane – it is a sure thing that your contract will end and you can return to Earth.  Safe? Don’t accept things from strangers – there are many strangers in the long dark.  And alive – you will die in space, there is no air.  Soon, my sunrise.


I am waiting for his return – my one sure thing.  My days are long and alone without him.  I have no strength for the day and the sun seems to blind me.  I know he sees many suns out there but here is his sunrise.  Together we will watch the sunrise, huddled in the chill purple air.  First, light will hit us and then the warmth will seep into us.  Giving us strength for the day.  My days will be short and I will be happy.  Soon, his sunrise.

8 thoughts on “Sunrise”

  1. I found this very beautiful and poetic. I liked the juxtaposed monologues a lot, with their repeat of themes from different perspectives. Thanks.

    1. Thank you :) I had a lot of trouble with this theme, truth be told. Or rather, trying for 250 words with this theme. I kept coming up with about 100 or 120. But I’m glad I finally figured something out and I am pleased with the result. Double bonus.

  2. I agree with cbraz – very beautiful and poetic, and the two voices and themes match up very well. I like the sense of longing and loving and loneliness it evokes.

    I also found this theme very hard for some reason!

  3. I like the two perspectives and generally enjoy sci-fi which is human driven like this. Would never have thought you were battling for length as the two pieces seem to dovetail so well.

    fearlessly romantic – I like that.

  4. This is a piece seen from two different viewpoints: someone travelling through space, informing us of the sure things which they depend on; and someone waiting for their lover to return.

    I like how the two viewpoints compliment each other — it’s quite touching. I also enjoy the phrase, “the long dark.” Very evocative :) /

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