New Theme: Bedtime Stories

The new theme is Bedtime Stories. The submission dates are: 26/07/2010 to 08/08/2010.

7 thoughts on “New Theme: Bedtime Stories”

  1. So, who’s up for Theme the next?

    People seem to be having awesome, big, ideas for lots of the themes.
    Perhaps it’s time we started thinking about word limits.
    I’m very happy with the short form, but maybe we could do a longer story one in every four? Or a parallel project of sorts?
    Any thoughts, folks?

    1. I am for a word limit mix up (but easy does it). Don’t think I am prepared to commit more time at the moment so a parallel project is not so good.

      a) 1 in 4 is 500-600 words normal fortnight submission
      b) 1 in 4 runs for double time (4 weeks) with 2 themes – 1 nano-fiction (<50 words or the like) and the other longer (say 500 words)

      On the other hand this is a difficult thing we are doing, and if it ain't yet broke I'm hesitate to fix it.

    2. Weird, didn’t read this before I suggested an occasional longer challenge on another post. I think it’s going to be quite easy to slide into 250 words as a too-familiar constraint that might overly shape our writing over time – it’ll stretch us nicely to look at different limits occasionally.

      I haven’t done a theme yet, can I do the next one?

      1. Groovy. so we’re somewhat agreed in principle that different limits are good, now we just need to haggle on how much and when.

        Please to do next Theme.
        Thanking you, please.

  2. Related-ish: Should we add “Volume” categories to make navigation easier, four Themes to a Volume?
    E.g. Subs > Vol 1 > Light, Subs > Vol 2 > Bedtime Stories.

  3. I am nervous, but interested in playing with different word limits, but would not like to do parallel sessions. My creative energies might implode – they’re not used to being exercised this much.

    I also like the idea of putting themes into volumes. It will certainly get confusing the longer the right panel gets.

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