Every kid has a favourite bedtime story.  The story they want to hear over and over.  My bedtime story was the best and my mother was the best at telling it.  It started with a man, a man full of faith.  This man was so full of faith that he believed it was his destiny, no, his purpose to rid the world of all evil.  He had been ordained by his god to do this.  And he believed he would be victorious.

Every night he would set out to rid the world of the evils that festered in the dark corners and seeped into forgotten thoughts.  He would go forth with his cross, his holy water, his book and his utter conviction that he was right – his true belief.  The story went on to tell of the horror that he came across, the fallen and the unmentionable.

My brothers and I would sit, begging for more as the sun started to rise.  Once more before we go to bed, oh, please.  Once more so our day dreams were filled with our heroics – we would vanquish this man, his faith would fall before us and our might.  We were children in shadows but in our dreams, we were heroes.  Hail the victorious Undead.

7 thoughts on “Holy”

  1. I really like the twist of a typical vampire tale. I like the subtlety with which its introduction begins – “as the sun started to rise” and “day dreams”. Thanks.

  2. I like the twist and I like the language – good, dark world, festered and unmentionable! (That sentence is very well phrased).

    The twist is very “I am legend” – but from the other point of view. Thank you!

  3. This is a story in which roles have been reversed: the children having the story told to them are who are usually considered monsters, while the actual monster in the story is the person usually considered the hero.

    This was fun. I enjoy it when roles are twisted around as they are here. It also gives you a chance to play with perceptions, such as with “as the sun started to rise”. I’m unsure about the last sentence, and think that the story could work without it.

  4. Really liked the idea behind this: cute and appropriate for the theme. Like much of you language like ‘festered in the dark corners and seeped into forgotten thoughts’.
    And the repetition of ‘Faith’ amused me a lot.

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