Some minor changes


As a result of various discussions here and in meatspace, the tight 250 limit has been officially relaxed a little. 250 words is still the target, but between 200 and 300 is okay.

Sometimes people will want to write a longer (or shorter) story for a Theme than the limit allows.
This is excellent and awesome! :)
The Rewrites Category has been changed to Extras. This can still be for rewrites, but also for the special extended editions, the director’s cuts, the 200 words extra footage not seen in the official theatrical release.
The official Submission to a Theme should still adhere to the word limit, though.


13 thoughts on “Some minor changes”

  1. Hooray! This more relaxed word limit feels … less itchy, somehow. It was becoming a tight-laced corset. *loosens stays scandalously*

    I also have to record for posterity my inutterable delight at the Mic Fic Club Rules which have mysteriously appeared in the sidebar. They’re cute, and work.

  2. Yeh, I’m glad that this post has appeared discussing what had been discussed! Makes it more official.

    Also, I assume that we have someone willing to do the new theme for tomorrow?

    1. Since we’ve all suggested one Theme now, I think we’ll call that Volume I (and I’ve re-categorised accordingly) and start cycling the Theme suggesters again.
      That means me for the next one – eep! It will appear later today.

      1. A very minor quibble here – is there any way of making the list of themes in the volume run chronologically instead of alphabetically? Looking through the list gives me a rather distorted sense of the overall development of the submissions.

        1. With this Theme the categories will always be listed in Alphanumberical order.
          We can fudge date listing by changing the format from
          Light – 31/05/2010 to 13/06/2010
          2010/05/31 tp 2010/06/13 – Light.
          I shall do this.

  3. Also, we probably need another rule 😛 No editing pieces after they’re submitted, no matter how much we may want to! Of course, that doesn’t stop us editing and posting elsewhere.

    1. I have a sort of personal rule thingy that I’m allowed to catch typos and (twice now) the occasional word tweak that got lost in the version-switches between home and campus (as in, bugger, I know I changed that!) – but only if I catch them in the first five minutes after I put the story up. Does this sound overly self-indulgent?

          1. I think updating for typos is okay, but pretty much anything else is not.

            “Oops, I meant to put shove and not shov” is okay.
            “Oops, I meant to put shove and not push” is not. It’s part of the challenge to get it how you want it in the time-frame. :)

          2. Yes, but what I meant was “oops, I know I changed push to shove in that final version, bugger, I’ve uploaded the version without my final few tweaks” – which I’m afraid I’ve done twice now. I write these things between work and campus, sending them backwards and forwards, and every now and then I degenerate into a complete file-twit.

          3. Yeah, I know you what you meant – I think we classify that as a typo. It’s an accidental error as opposed to a conscious change of wording / meaning / fishing / fucking (!).

            Or you could just be more careful when push comes to shove.
            I made a funny.

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