Sketches of ideas

I’ve had various ideas about the backs of the Print Edition cards, and I’d like to throw them at the gang for feedback. :)

I quite like the idea of having a text-texture background thing.
Something like:

A remix of this would be to have the text of all the MicFics running over the whole page, with the “current” one centred and highlighted, thusly:

I’m a big fan of ornaments and swirly things, but I realise this may not be to everyone’s tastes. Combining this and the highlighting from the previous could look something like these:

Last but not least – my first idea was to make the backs look like playing cards.
Some drafts:


15 thoughts on “Sketches of ideas”

  1. These are lovely, except that I’m now a bit too intimidated to stuff around with my very amateur layout skills. I like the playing cards, I also love Andrew’s minimalist diagonal thing, but I prefer the amount of info on the swirly-cornered one you did here. Something I’d really like to see, though, is an artwork attribution on the back of the card, along with the author and theme info.

    1. You are very kind, madam.
      But you must Stuff. Stuff around! Stuff it good!

      I’m assuming the front will have story name and author name, in the short story tradition. Yes / No, folks?
      Do we want the Theme date as well? Might be nice as a reference point.

      1. If we are going to have title and author on the back side (the current consensus) then I think the title and author can be on the front or not depending on the card – seems really right for most of the stuff but might be cooler without for specific entries (consider the Dear John Letter and Gold-E)

  2. Great ideas stv – like Dox I am intimidated and glad I got my efforts into the fray before seeing yours.
    Some thoughts:
    * Do we want both real and screen names? It just seems to me the screen names look uncool on the more classical designs because of the unnatural word length and capitalization.
    * Art attribution: I feel this is required but don’t want to mess with either the backs or fronts – how about a 50th index card with this extra thanks info?
    * Are we really sure that makign 49 DIFFERENT backs and correctly matching them to the fronts is worth the effort?

    My pick of what we have so far:
    Best: Stv’s Middle design (now designated swirly cornered).Clean and simple and I like the bold text as identity. [but I would prefer it more style-agnostic, more clean less Victorian]
    Next: Stv’s playing cards (Blk or white not blue) – great idea, cute and fun
    3rd: My Minimilism

    1. Thank you! :)
      See previous comment re Stuff and the stuffing thereof.

      I’m beginning to think just real names. I agree with your screen name comments.

      I don’t see why the artwork attribution can’t go on the back with the other info, but I do really like the idea of a table of contents type thing (without the bother of page numbers. ahem.). I shall have a go at banging this together.

      I’ve been assuming that we have one back design. This stems from my original idea of the playing card vibes. Jo’s been assuming one per Theme. I think one per card is not going to be possible given time / sanity constraints. So, one for all and all for one, or one per Theme?

      I’ll have a bit of a play and see what else I can come up with in the swirly-type stuff category.

      1. I meant are we okay with SLIGHTLY different backs – I definitely want to see near identical backs to integrate the set but was suggesting that we maybe have exactly identical backs(i.e. no names and titles) might be easier.

  3. I really like your ornamented+highlighted+swirly backings, especially the first of the pair that you’ve got. It’s a contents page, and also tells you what you’re reading :) It also makes all of the cards consistent with each other, but slightly different as well.

  4. I agree with elementalsystems somewhat:

    – I really like both the swirly designs and the card designs (not the blue one), but I think I come out in favour of swirly. I like the victorian-ness of the swirly ones and the amount of information that they provide.The card backs are harder to parse, but will be easier to put together as they don’t change for every writer, just for every theme.
    – I don’t mind about the names, and quite like the fact that the swirly cards have both nicks and names on them.

  5. Um. I love the layout of the swirly ones, but those particular borders scream “standard Windows borders” to me. (Are they standard Windows borders? where have I seen them before?). They’re classy and Victorian and everything, but horribly over-familiar. Either that, or I’m hallucinating.

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