More ideas for backs

I was very inspired by Steve making awesome things! I have made some things myself as a result of all this inspiration. I really like listing all the bits but highlighting the one we’re on, and playing with typography. My ideas all revolve around a different back for each theme (but visually linked in some way – i used colour…).

4 thoughts on “More ideas for backs”

  1. Aargh. The more you lot post this sort of thing, the more I realise that I am not a visual person. These are completely stunning. I wish to subscribe to their newsletter. I shall slink back to my word-based den, conscious of my inadequacy.

    I have minor niggles with these, mostly along the lines of the amount of info (I don’t think all the story titles are necessary), but they’re minor. I love these. Please can we use them?

  2. Really good stuff parfles. I love these all (the soup the least).
    I like the stv idea of all the titles and one highlighted in general.
    I do feel that the purpose of the backs in to unite the set (as opposed to the fronts we want all different) so I think we should try to keep them somewhat similar and in that spirit I think if we want to go this way we should stick to a basic colour scheme (like the mostly black, white and some red) and style.

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