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  1. We have a lot of really good options for the backs, and it might be difficult to agree on the the final one idea that we use. I suggest that we all provide our top three options in order (because I am not sure a top one is going to result in a clear choice), and we combine those to find the one that is most agreed on.

  2. I have a vital question to ask before I can follow cbraz’s suggestion and vote. Parfles, are you up for creating the rest of the series, given that you’ve only done three? if not, is anyone up for creating more in the same style? I am very, very enamoured of them, but they’re not much use if we only have three out of seven.

    1. I would be super flattered if I was to be asked to do more, and I would do them, do them I would!

      I am slightly concerned that the backs are graphically very stark and may interfere with the fronts – I think ES said this somewhere, possibly in non-electronic format (gasp!)

      Alternative is to use them as divisors for each theme?

      1. I don’t see this. They are graphically very stark, but why should that interfere? you don’t look at the back and the front side-by-side, by definition. Of course, there’s a clear and present danger they’ll completely outclass anything done by, for example, me, on the actual stories, but I’m down with that.

        1. My main concern is that they are very strong images which, while very cool, may not be appropriate to all the stories in a theme. An example in the current selection is the soup picture, which I think has a very different feeling to my story. While I do not mind (and in fact like the idea of) parfles’ images as separators, ideally I would prefer not to have a strong image so opposed to my story on the back of its card.

  3. While I think they are lovely, I share parfles’ concern about her backs. My vote would not be to have them as backs, but I really like the idea of using them as divisors – that also works well with having the story titles on them – they could act as a mini-contents for each theme.

  4. My vote – Parf for separators – tri-coloured minimilism for the win

    Stv for backs

    While I am deeply enamoured with the newer large font-based designs I wonder how similar they will actually look given the different lengths of text required on each (‘Death of an Ornithologist’ vs ‘Pain’ and elementalsystems vs parfles) [seems it’s just me with the long names – occupational hazard?]

    So my backs vote is still on stv’s initial posting – the ones above the playing cards. Feel this is a good compromise.

    However I am open to almost all the other options.

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