She sleeps on her back, carefully positioned in a golden patch of afternoon sunlight. The light glistens in her long silver-grey fur, blurring individual strands. Her front paws are bent as if in supplication, but there is nothing beggarly about this cat. I watch as she twitches her ears; they glow hot pink from the light that shines through them. She reaches a paw up to swipe in slow motion at something in her dreams.

As I approach and sit beside her, she wakens, reaching her paws straight up in a slow, sensual stretch. She gazes up at me with soft, languid eyes and an expression of utter contentment forms on her face: mouth curved up at the edges, eyes half closed. Her mouth opens in a wide, leisurely yawn, revealing rows of tiny, sharp, white teeth set prettily against the pink of her tongue. She slowly arches her back and languorously stretches her limbs, then rolls over and stands up in one fluid and effortlessly elegant movement.

She considers her options; then pads determinedly over to me. She climbs onto my lap and scales my chest. Now we are face-to-face and she stares into my eyes, emitting her signature purr – the soft rumblings broken with periodic hiccups. Then, with deliberation, she takes my nose into her mouth and holds it and my heart gently for a moment before curling up high on my chest, her fur softly tickling my chin.

I wonder whether I can bring myself to move just yet: I really should clean up the slaughtered bird whose bloodied remains lie casually beside us.

6 thoughts on “Minx”

  1. I enjoyed this – really liked how you got the individual brilliance of a specific cat not just the coolness of cats in general.

    Also liked the way the Cat/Human relationship is portrayed as intimate but not the cat is not personified much.

    The last paragraph is cute,amusing and takes any sentimental edge offit very effectively – also ties back into the not humanising the cat vibe.

  2. Very nice description of (I presume) you and Minx. This imagery was the best for me: “she takes my nose into her mouth and holds it and my heart”.

    I also like the contrasting of the Minx’s viciousness with her elegance in the last paragraph, although I thought that the last sentence rushed into it too quickly: I would prefer it to be a bit less abrupt (maybe longer? Maybe merely rewritten slightly?).

    1. I must admit that I added the end in a bit of a rush to make it less saccharine sweet and show some other side of the cat. So, it was kind of rushed.

  3. This was a very smooth and visually accomplished piece (iyswim), but it didn’t really grab me, I’m afraid. Sorry! :(

    The writing is excellent, but I found it the story a little uneventful, even with the splatterhouse ending (which I did like). Perhaps, like Mr N above, I want more of the blood and guts?

    I can’t really offer some decent con crit to balance my whinging because the writing is good! Top bit for me was “revealing rows of tiny, sharp, white teeth set prettily against the pink of her tongue.”

    1. I’m glad you thought the writing was good quality. I’m not offended by you not liking the piece – we all have styles that we prefer and those that don’t grab us 😉

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