It is said that no one source started the riot.  It was a spontaneous action taken by those in the crowd.  But this is not true, there was an instigator.  And the riot did serve a purpose – a purpose hidden from everyone in the crowd.  A purpose that only a few would ever know about.  Though some of the more suspicious ones may ‘theorise’ but they were only good for a laugh.  The crowd had developed as planned, it was too easy to rile common people, and it was easier still to insight them to violence once they were all collected in a crowd.  Happily, things would turn ugly and the media would whip themselves into a frenzy of frothy mouths and flickering fingers on keyboards.

And while everyone was looking and commenting on the horrors, ‘they’ would be working in the background on their various projects.  Content in the knowledge that if the current attraction were to fade, there would be many more instances that could be… tweaked to suit their purpose.  They were old hands at this, long years of practice.  Controlling the masses is such a subtle art.


6 thoughts on “Riot”

  1. (GoogleGoogleGoogle)

    No, we shan’t have you executed, late though you are!

    I liked this vignette on crowd control. I have a few suggestions:

    insight should be incite
    Though some of the more suspicious ones may ‘theorise’ but they were only good for a laugh. – this is a little odd in reading, I would have preferred “but those theories were only good for a laugh”. I’m also a little unsure of the inverted commas around “theorise”?
    The sentence starting with “happily” turns speculative (“would”) which is disorienting in time and space – the riot did happen, so they did turn ugly if you see what I mean.

    To ground the piece, suggest you consider adding a little detail – what actually happened? Where was this riot? what about? Who hit who first? A few items like this make the story more real for me.

    But nice concept and it sketches out a good conspiracy!

    1. I thought the deadline was this weekend coming not the one just past so was caught with a half idea and no actual content. There is so much work that needs to be done on this.

      I think I might have to upgrade from my pen and paper calendar to one that sends me emails about dates. At least until my mind is organised again.

  2. Cool idea – like the interpretation of the theme.

    This was great: ‘a frenzy of frothy mouths and flickering fingers’ – I love to hate those horrendous whoring media morons.

    Makes me uncomfortable how stupid and predictable the ‘masses’ are – but I suppose that is your point.

    Perhaps I would prefer it if the last line was: ‘Controlling the masses was NOT such a subtle art’

    1. Well, I’m not sure – you can’t let people know they are being controlled, or rather, you can’t let them [not just the masses] realise they are being pushed into specific thought patterns and to give attention to topics that are being used to hide other things that are possibly more important. Or that require no attention at all.

      The piece wasn’t about any one thing but rather a repeated action taken again and again for the purpose of a few.

  3. I really like the idea behind this and the way its beginning to take shape. As you say, it needs some cleaning up and it’s a bit vague at the moment – especially the second paragraph. I like the energy in the first paragraph.

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