One Lifetime

“Ah… There you are.”

Craig stood looking at the offending object in the mirror.  Someone had mentioned it the other day but quickly brushed it off as a joke.  But Craig had spent a little time each morning before work looking for the silver hair and this morning he found it.  Or rather found them.

It was worse than he thought.  Craig counted seven.  Seven silver hairs hidden among in his well maintained do.  It was not a good sign.  As he dug out the tweezers to remove the offending hairs he wondered whether he was vain enough to dye his hair.  It seemed extreme but, at 28, to have seven silver hairs seemed excessive and it worried him.

Perhaps it would be better to check his hair everyday and pluck the offending hairs as he saw them.  The plan had merit but as he grew older, he knew he would start to lose his hair.  And plucking wouldn’t help that situation.  It was a tough call – silver or bald.

As with every decision, there were pro and cons.  But both his decisions were heavy with cons and quite light on pros.  Tricky, tricky… He may have to think about it further.  No need rush into such a tender choice.  Time was not on his side but he did have a little bit to play with.  It was only seven silver hairs.

But still… Seven silver hairs… Need to think about this… Seven though…


8 thoughts on “One Lifetime”

  1. Enjoyed your spot-on descriptions of male-vanity. Especially the short sentences : ‘It was not a good sign.’ / ‘Craig counted seven’ beautifully reflect the triteness of our internal dialogues.

    Also something about him not actually making a decision at the end appealed to me – typical attitude to have. I think I would try to eliminate the use of his name so often but the occasional repetition certainly works to give the impression he’s the kind of guy who refers to himself in the third person.

  2. I really enjoyed this serious, absorbed and emotional internal monologue about such an arbitrary thing. I can easily picture Craig standing in front of his mirror thinking this, and understand his perception of his colleague’s comment. Partly, I think, because it is an extreme version of silly moments I have had in front of the mirror with going grey.

    The repetition of seven silver hairs really adds to the obsessive feeling. In paragraph 3, the repetition of “hair” was a bit much for me. I would remove one of them.

    Thanks, this was fun.

    1. lol~

      Well, I started going grey at 18 so I’ve long got used to seeing them. It was fun to write something about someone obsessing over such a little thing.


  3. Nice. Craig comes across as vain and obsessed with his looks, especially with his flip-flopping and worry between the choices available to him. He feels kinda sleazy, and I know one or two people who this piece, in my mental image of them at least, captures pretty well.

    Some minor nits:

    I thought that the first paragraph could have used a bit more punctuation — just a few more commas perhaps.

    > Seven silver hairs hidden among in his well maintained do
    One of “among” or “in” should be removed.

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