Art Attribution Page, Volume 1

At last, the final bit of stuff for the volume 1 print – artwork attribution. Everyone happy? I have simplified somewhat, so please comment if you need any changes made. Or if you think it’s not working!

12 thoughts on “Art Attribution Page, Volume 1”

  1. Lady does nice work. This is elegant and beautiful. There is, however, an academic bit of my soul which is horrified by the sketchy detail which some of my esteemed colleagues consider appropriate for reference. “Various sources”? Really?

    Even worse, it makes my level of detail look nit-picky and pedantic. (I am, however, not changing it.)

    1. I agree about the “various sources”.

      Also, unless the used bits of art were in the public domain (unlikely unless something is a few decades old — the actual requirements vary by country — or is the product of government work), there will be legal requirements to the use of the artwork as well, no matter how modified the final product is. Attribution is almost always one of these requirements (such as when using most CC licensed works).

      1. I think the attribution field becomes more explosive the more closely we examine it. For my part, for works which are basically a collage of various modified found images, I will not attribute the component pieces. Personal choice.

        Please remember that what we are making is very private and not commercial. It will be distributed as personal printed works. I think it’s fine for each person to decide how much attribution they do – please let me know how to amend your section if required.

        1. Yeah, in the most part it is private, but we have put some things up here on the website, which makes at least that portion publicly available. If any of those things are using other people’s artwork, then we are legally distributing derived works. Licensing issues then apply.

          1. Actually, I think everything that’s gone up has been original artwork, which is sneaky of us ;>. The Deeply Academic bit of my psyche winces at vague unattributed use of stuff, but I honestly don’t think it matters for the purposes of this project, which is very much a private thing. If we are worried about any of the artwork which has been posted, surely WordPress can password-lock posts?

  2. Agh, I know what you mean. I will email you the spreadsheet with the actual attributions, there is a little more detail there, but no actual credit to any one source (things like “the internet” feature as sources, for example).

    I made the mistake of not noting down where I found the basic artwork that I then manipulated the hell out of. I don’t know what the conventions are – I have put a lot of work into the pics but the basic elements are mostly from stuff found on the internet. Some of them are manipulated beyond recognition, some only a bit. Don’t quite know what do to about it – any ideas, anyone?

    1. It may be useful to add that you seem to be the only person that used “proper” art attributable to an artist (that is not yourself). The distinction between what is proper art or not aside, you are probably the only person who used images that would need to be paid for?

  3. This is lovely, parfles. Thanks. I have a couple of clarifications for my attributions, though. Artwork #15 and #17 are based on my own photographs, so I would like them separated out as own work, photography.

    For the others (apart from the two pastels you have already pulled out), I am similar to you in that I began with little bits from free sources on the web which I modified heavily and consider that I have made them my own. I don’t remember exactly where I got them – mostly image search stuff on google – but I checked what the rights were before downloading everything I considered working with.

    1. Thank you – that’s exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I will adjust. Are you happy with “various sources” for the others?

      1. Perhaps the others could be the same as yours to indicate modification of the sources, so “own art and various sources”. Thanks :-)

  4. I really should refresh before sending email. I just mailed Jo the following:

    “As a sort of a vague general guideliney thing, I’d use the attribution page to answer the question “who took that cool photo?” or “where did that cool picture come from?” So you might like to do things like distinguish between Cara’s photo modified by herself and an internet photo modified by Cara, or which of your stories features your own art and which from other sources. The lack of URLs for internet stuff is going to make me twitch forever, but I’ll live with it ;>.”

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