There was something rather strange about the cripple that sat on the corner of West and Hope Road. He just sat there. Sometimes people would give him money and sometimes he would take it. But mostly he just sat there, watching. Sam had been watching him for almost a month from his private classroom window, and everyday he was there. Well, every weekday for sure and every time he managed to convince his father to take him to town on the weekend. He sat in exactly the same place in exactly the same way.

At first Sam thought he might be a spy but no one spoke to him. And besides, even if some did come to speak to him in the dark hours, what was there to spy on at the corner of West and Hope. There was his school, a bakery, a green grocer and a bunch of businesses. And the businesses were hardly exciting – lawyers and accounts. Boring, and it was getting boring watching the cripple that did nothing.

His thoughts began to wander to a rumour he had heard about magic. Nonsense really, but it was better than a cripple that didn’t move around. But he couldn’t really remember what the rumour had been about. He hadn’t been listening. But he thought he remembered something about making a corpse stand up. He couldn’t remember, he had been distracted by the cripple.

5 thoughts on “Arts”

  1. I like the sinister vibes of this one, and the voice of the child is very good – serious consideration of whether the cripple is really a spy or a corpse :) The nice thing is that the childish musings are framed so that by the end the reader is also ready to consider a resurrected corpse…

    I would suggest a “?” after “Hope” and “accountants” rather than “accounts”.

  2. Enjoyed this – very evocative of a bored child (actually these are the kind of thoughts I have when bored so may be it just evokes boredom perfectly)

    I like the dark undertones and general sinisterness against the very mundane town life. The simple descriptions of the town and situation work really well for you.

    For me the last paragraph is a little obscure and round about – I liked the idea of necromancy being introduced but I thought the vague memory of a vague rumour that he can’t remember was a bit too vague.

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