You look like a nishe girl. I mean nice girl. Buy you a drink?

Nice girl… but that’s a one of them new crystals round your neck, yes? All turning and shining and chiming, bing! Like magic. Ours don’t do that, they shuck. Suck.

Sorry. Had a few myself.

I used to be a moscologist myself. Cosmologist. All the big sky up there full of lights, suns, planets.  You know what sucked about being a coshmologist? All the empty. Great big wide universe, only lil’ ole us in it. Fermi bloody paradox. Sad. Have ‘nother drink.

Then they arrive. Great big shipsh. Ships.  Watching us for years. In hides like duck hunters. Like we’re ducks. They were there all the time, they just hid. Warped basic physics. Impossible. Bastards.

And the ships. Couldn’t believe what they could do to spacetime. Makes no sense. Still makes no sense. Like Amazon tribesman with an Ipod. Hopeless.

And now they’re everywhere.  All the diff’rent kinds, fur and scales and twelve legs and tentacles. God I hate tentacles.  Aliens, and alien stuff. All the pretty thingsh, your crystal – bing! Beads to the natives.  Barman! ‘nother whisky.

See, it’s like this. It’s like you’re in your world, an’ it’s big. Stretches to horizon. Full of things you made, things you use, things you unnerstand. Works. You’re king of it. An’ then one day someone takes off the sky dome an’ you realise the horizon’s a wall, and outside the wall great big creatures stand around the table and watch you, like a rat in a maze. And all you know about the world and the stars is a lie, and you’re nothing. A dot, a speck. Can’t even see the horizon.

Where you going? Oh, that’s your boyfriend? Damned octopus. Tentacles. Hate ‘em.

Barman? ‘Nother one.

2 thoughts on “Horizon”

  1. I found this interesting – the concept that we are worthy enough to be be watched and scrutinised, that we are worth something in the universe. That we actually matter :)

    ‘All the empty’, I really liked this line. It appeals to my sense of the world and what we are. Overall, I enjoyed this piece.

  2. I really enjoyed the idea and the rather pathetic unemployed astronomer.

    Loved the general sense of lose and sadness; the idea of us being happier alone is interesting.
    Thought the ipod line was great and really sad.

    The idea of the drunk bitchin about the changes is great but for me the voice was slightly Over the top, to close to comical.

    Enjoyed the end and the suggestion that for most people life goes on happily enough as it always had.

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