The Eternal Blue

The ever clear blue water sparkles in the sunlit sky, a thousand diamonds that can never be possessed but will always be admired from afar.  Hearts have soared when they have seen the ocean and heard the shrill cry of gulls on the salty breeze.  Endlessly enchanting those that have lost their way on the hard, dry land with all those tall trees.

Every day and every night the waves fall to the shore, never ceasing…  The endless call.  Even when down among the soft sand and smooth stone, there is the urge to go out and be alone.  Round the time of the purple hour when the moon is out and the sun is fire the whispers reach those patient ears.  Never ending need to be at peace within the deep memories of the wakeful mind.  A time for rest so long past together with the aching of the broken heart.  Longing for some restful sleep to dream the dreamless dreams.

Beyond the waves of blue and white, beyond the colourless dreams.  Leave the scorching days of toil and turmoil and the aching to be free.  Unbelievably beautiful and so peaceful, all will be forgotten.  Ever after and again, eternally sleeping in the dreams.

2 thoughts on “The Eternal Blue”

  1. I didn’t completely understand this piece. I did get the sense that it was about escape (“Neverending need to be at peace”, “Longing for some restful sleep”) and possibly death (“Ever after and again, eternally sleeping […]”). I didn’t understand some of the imagery, like “[…]to dream the dreamless dreams.”

    > Endlessly enchanting those […] tall trees.
    This sentence read a bit odd to me: I thought that it should be connected to the last sentence by a comma or semi-colon, rather than be on its own.

    There were places where I thought more commas would have been good. For example:
    > A time for rest so long past[,] together with the aching of the
    > broken heart.
    > […]the sun is fire[,] the whispers reach those patient ears.

    Some typos:
    “Neverending” should possibly be “never-ending”.
    “Beyong”: beyond
    “scourching”: scorching
    “Unbelieveably”: unbelievably

    1. There isn’t really anything to understand. It’s an experiment, a personal challenge – begin every sentence with T H E E T E R N A L B L U E:

      The ever clear blue
      Hearts have soared
      Endlessly enchanting

      Every day and every
      The endless
      Even when down
      Round the time
      Neverending need
      A time for
      Longing for some

      Beyong the waves
      Leave the
      Ever after and .

      Fixed the typos – thanks :)

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