Sketch of an idea

Doing it Penguino Classico style.
Too much of a straight copy?

I’d want to take headshot of people and use those.

2 thoughts on “Sketch of an idea”

  1. I actually really like this, particularly with the customised silhouette idea. However. Penguin covers are colour-coded. According to Wikipedia:
    “…orange and white for general fiction, green and white for crime fiction, cerise and white for travel and adventure, dark blue and white for biographies, yellow and white for miscellaneous, red and white for drama; and the rarer purple and white for essays and belles lettres and grey and white for world affairs.”

    I am not a huge fan of orange. I vote yellow, or that we invent a new shade for the category “micfic”.

    1. Ta!

      I think that the Penguin official colour-coding doesn’t really matter for this.
      We’re not going for authentic rip-off / homage, just something that looks nice, possibly inspired by a real life wotsit.

      I’m tempted by something black, white and red, to match volume I.
      *runs off to photoshop*

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