New Theme

Wow, Volume IV!

We decided that Themes for Volume IV should be more… interesting.

After some discussion, we settled on an image and a form word limit for each Theme.


0313 by Cia de Foto on Flickr
0313 by Cia de Foto on Flickr

Form Word Limit:

Instruction Manual, About 250 words.

8 thoughts on “New Theme”

  1. Um, hang on a moment. I thought the final decision was an image and a word limit for this volume, and a word and a form for the next one? Several people said they’d have trouble with two sets of changed constraints. Or am I hallucinating?

    1. Wow! I completely saw it as a pig, although now I see a certain doggyness to it…

      Also, really cool response photo, although somewhat cuter and less creepy :-)

      1. I think it’s the pointy snout and flopped over ears that give it the pog / dig appearance.

        Re photo: thanks! Sometimes I can uncreepy (not-creepy? igcreepy?)…

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