Fellow MicFictioneers,

I have been busy laying out MicFic: The Bookering, and have a question. At the moment I’m laying out themes as a double page spread. I’ve hacked together a PNG of what that looks like, but you should have a look at the example file. The left page is currently blank for the image, while the right page gives the theme title and a little quote.

I’ve taken the quotes from one of the micfic entries for that theme (the one above is, conveniently, from my entry for Ghost). I’ve also made sure that each person has a quote, but this does pose a question: what quotes do you micfictioneers feel are your best?

If you want to let me know, reply with a list of your own favourite quotes (that means quotes from your own stories, not someone elses!), one from each piece, like so:

Stop: “It was a dark and stormy night.”

Gone: “Then he turned to me and said, ‘Poof! Gone!'”

Ghost: “Oh. My. God.”

And so on! I will then choose between the quotes, and try to get your most preferred quote into the Bookering.

Also, if you disapprove of quotes, now is the time to raise your voice in protest!


10 thoughts on “Quotes”

  1. Hello,

    these look great!

    [Full disclosure: I encouraged Rudy to post since I am now belatedly looking at putting together the images for the themes.]

    When I saw these, I had 2 thoughts:

    1. I really like this, and the idea of the quote is great!
    2. I’m not sure about:

  2. argh. sorry. do not use tab.

    2. I’m not sure about whether the image will add anything to this, and also how to (if to) align the images with the quotes. I think it would be odd to have an image of one thing, a quote of another.

    This all leads me to propose that we skip internal images altogether and work with the layout as it is – blank on the left page.

    As a balancing factor, I’ll mock up some covers and reviews of volume I. Penance!

    What do you guys think?

    1. I would be sorry to lose the illustrations, although if you are unhappy with the idea of including them, obviously we’d have to! I’d rather see what you came up with illustration-wise and then see if we can find a quote to match the picture. The blank page looks a bit blank to me.

      1. I would also miss the pictures. I was thinking, Parfles, that the image would not align with the quotes, but rather take up the majority of the page (apart from margins and stuff).

        To remove the blank page, I could always move the quote to the centre of the blank page. Or, perhaps, have the title on the left page and the quote on the right.

        1. OK, I will (happily) do some sketches this weekend. I envisage them being pared up with something – either the quote or the title. If we can come up with quotes and pics that match, pic plus quote on the left, theme (and anything else? whose theme? dates?) on the right. :)

          1. Your pics are at the moment are paired up the the theme title page (and quote) as a double page thingy, although bits of those can be moved onto the same page as the image if you can make that work better.

            I haven’t mentioned who came up with what theme, or any dates. Do people feel that’s necessary info?

  3. Aaaand, here are my quotes:

    I have made a display that measures all the time left in the world.

    “Where do you think you’ll go when you die?”

    This is a story about a writer trying to tell a story about writing.

    “Stork Mating Habits” looked too well thumbed for its own good.

    A perfect cat, it was: those shapely ankles, those precise whiskers.

    Her clothes had been stolen from a hundred washing lines.

    It’s there if you know how to look for it: the jellied currents of the air, the slackness of fur, the stiffness of a smile.

  4. I think it looks great. The quotes idea is really cool. Not sure I’ll have time to pick my own, but I’ll try to come up with some.

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