Volume II illustrations.

OK, here is my Volume II in pictures. It came out as a sort of a story. What you think?


"Do you remember love?"


"I have been here for so long that my memories are fading."


"I like this world a lot more with its people gone."


"An irregular section of the wall swung back. "


“Examine, ye, my untouchable beauty.”


“I like it. It helps me concentrate.”


“…he looked back at me, confused but not afraid, before he was taken.”

8 thoughts on “Volume II illustrations.”

  1. Ooh, you’re a good quote-finder, those are perfect. I also really like the narrative that emerges, and the mood and tone of the drawings – the simplicity of the black-and-white is lovely. You know how much I like these, I raved about them last night :>.

    1. Ah, well, it’s all about stories, innit? Although tying Stop – Ghost – Gone – Outsider – Cat – Eye – Subterfuge into any sort of (however strange) narrative is tricksy, precious. Outsider threw me the most. It may show. 😉

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