That, darling, is a grotesque idea! There is no way I’m touching that.

You’re being silly dear, just because they look different to us you’re scared of them – your great uncle says we’re all part of the same biosphere.

Those things excrete through their skins. They’re dirty; and they have diseases.

Now try to be rational, that is simply prejudice! It’s not urine, it’s just water and some salts. It’s how they keep cool. It’s perfectly natural.

I don’t care: it’s still nasty. All those gooey drops squeezing from their pores; the mere idea makes me twitch.

Well if you weren’t so afraid you’d know they’re not gooey: it’s more oily actually. It makes their skin feel smooth and pleasant to grip; they aren’t nearly as rubbery as they look.

How would you know anyway, you’ve never touched one either!

Well, I’ve heard about it – and I’m not scared of them. Actually I think they’re kind of beautiful – smell the heat shining off them – there are little suns inside them.

Living things should be cool and soft like us – warm is just creepy.

Well, I’m not afraid of it. And I want to touch it.

I can’t believe you’re doing that. You’re insane! It’s so huge: that hand could crush you any moment.

What? No – they might be big but they’re very slow. Fly over here, it feels smooth and silky. You’ll like it – stop being such a ninny.

Oh my, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I really can’t believe I’m doing this.

There you go dear, not so terrifying is it? Look at the big guy: so majestic, so gentle. I think he likes us.

2 thoughts on “Anthrophobia”

  1. This is a story of two moths, one adventurous and the other quite – conservative? – exploring the idea of sitting on a human. It’s gorgeous and well executed, the tone of voice is perfect for each moth, and the ideas are cute.

    The title told me this was going to be moth POV, so if you would prefer this knowledge to seep in slowly you’d have to hide it better.

    You tend not to put a comma before an address in a sentence: I would put comma before each of the “dear”s, as they are inserted in in my view. Same with a comma after “Well”.

    I was not sure that moths would mention urine – I don’t know if they do it or if they would call it that. Other than that, the concerns were well expressed. I enjoyed the final description of the hands – a happy ending.

    Thank you!

    1. Glad you liked it – I also thought it was cute.
      Not sure about the title/slow realisation factor – my original idea was a slow reveal but I thought it was kind of a cheap shot – thus the title, perhaps I should have stuck to xenophobia.

      Punctuation – ummm yes – I put comma there too; just not yesterday apparently.

      As for urine and moths, I agree it rings wrong – I think its jarring because these moths speak like WASPs and somehow urine is too forthright for them – I should have used some stupid euphemism.

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