We all did our own, and we will miss it

From the first submission on 31/05/2010 to the last on 21/06/2011, there were many fictions. And, goshdarnit, they were micro. And groovy.

As may have become obvious from the one or two cobwebs about the place *dust dust*, MicFic has come to a close.

Over 180 stories in 27 Themes, written by 7 people over 54 weeks.

We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed writing.

A group creative writing thingy, with many similarities and many differences to MicFic, has begun over at Fictitious.co.za.

We’re still finding our feet, but we’re getting there. Come, join us.


Ahoy there, me hearties!

Monday 21st March 2011 will see the first Theme of Volume IV (4 (four)) of MicFic. Wow!

Almost a year from the very first Theme of Light on 31st May 2010. Woo!

For Volume IV, we’re going to mix it up a little. Each Theme will be an image, rather than words. In addition, the word limit can be varied between 100 and 500. As usual, 50 on either side is okay, unless explicitly stated by the Theme-setter (i.e. in the case of a Drabble).
There are loads of great places to find images. Teh Gogglez, obviously, but Flickr / Creative Commons and Wikimedia Commons are also great resources. Post your own in the comments!

[In related news: why did I not know of Feghoots until now?]

MicFic in MeatSpace Volume > II

As is becoming traditional, we MicFiccers had a meet and greet and eat at the end of Volume II and, amongst other things, did our Theme thing.
Here’s what we done did.


  • Inevitable doom
  • Realism
  • Revelation of deceit


  • Routine
  • Twisty
  • Reworking Genre

Elemental Systems

  • Internal Perspective
  • Autobiographical
  • Self-discovery


  • Abstract interpretation
  • Detail
  • Levels of awareness


  • Voice
  • Fantastic
  • Unlikely loyalties


  • Narrative
  • Historicity
  • Secret motive


  • Reinterpreting myth
  • Vulnerability
  • Hopeful resignation

Bonus material: view Volume I’s themes side-by-side with these for extra crunchiness. :)

MicFic in MeatSpace

We MicFiccers had our first date IRL last night.
It was lovely. :)

One of the many thingies we did was to look back at everyone’s stories and see what themes came up in our Volume I submissions.
Presented here, for your amusement, is what we done said. (The author didn’t get a say in what their themes were, btw. Mwahaha.)


  • Death
  • Pain
  • Eroticism


  • Post-apocalyptic
  • Humour (light)
  • Paranoid Conspiracy Slash

Elemental Systems

  • Authority Figures
  • Consequences
  • Ingenious ideas


  • Inversions
  • Psychological insights
  • Dreamy


  • Bizarre form
  • Fantasy
  • Involuted meaning


  • Direct
  • Moment in time
  • Theme reinterpretation


  • Meta
  • Internal growth
  • Stratified

Some minor changes


As a result of various discussions here and in meatspace, the tight 250 limit has been officially relaxed a little. 250 words is still the target, but between 200 and 300 is okay.

Sometimes people will want to write a longer (or shorter) story for a Theme than the limit allows.
This is excellent and awesome! :)
The Rewrites Category has been changed to Extras. This can still be for rewrites, but also for the special extended editions, the director’s cuts, the 200 words extra footage not seen in the official theatrical release.
The official Submission to a Theme should still adhere to the word limit, though.


Twitter Button

We’ve recently put a button on to the bottom of each post making it easy for people to tweet the posts. If you want to read more about it, you can find the official WordPress post describing it here.

Reply in the comments if you think it’s just tacky and nasty, and if it should go.

Rewrites, Comments, and Incoming


We’ve been chatting in various groupings in cyber- and meatspace about revising / rewriting our stories after feedback from our compadres.
Entries into each Theme should not be changed. It’s important to keep your submission in its original form.

If you want to issue a revised version of your story – fantastic! More writing = more good. :)
I’ve made a start on a future bunch of new categories. Inside the Rewrites category will be sub-categories for each Theme. I’ve added Rewrites / Light. Please thwack the revised edition of your Light story in there. There are no dates on the categories here, so you can rewrite and resubmit a story to any Theme at any time you want (without risking an eyebrow, glare, etc.). It will appear on the full site feed, and the (newly added to sidebar) Rewrites feed.


There’s no major pressure to comment on everyone’s stories, but it does earn you a small number of AEPs (Anti Eyebrow Points) that we may use later when deciding stuff like who to invite next.
Submitting to a Theme earns you loads of AEPs, so everyone has loads at the moment!
(And no, I do not have a spreadsheet keeping track of this. Really, really.)


In other news, Rudy will announce the next Theme today.

Some Thoughts

  • Seems you want Themes for theme announcements but we need a place suggest theme ideas from which someone can select (after all do we really want ‘Space Cheese’ to disappear into oblivion … well actually…) like ThemeIdea category perhaps? Or just use General for this?
  • How do we all feel about others joining in – my vote is the more the happier – and can offhand think of 3 people who might want to play. (Did anyone invite egadfly?)
  • Can we get RSS feeds by category (like only submissions) somewhere?

Very excited about starting…