New theme

My chosen picture:

Branches, by Max Barners

As threatened, it’s a Max Barners. Since I am devoid of imagination to a truly horrific extent at the moment, let’s stick with 300 words (i.e. 250-350). The theme runs from Monday 16th to Sunday 29th May.

I apologise very humbly for the extremely late posting. It’s been a hideous week, but it’s no excuse.

New Theme


New Theme is this picture:

It is a cc licensed photo from the flickr. I tried to make a link to the source, let’s see how it goes.

Edit: Didn’t, so here is the link.

Submission deadline: Sunday 1 May.

Word Limit: We have a lot of holidays, so let’s go for a generous 350 (300 – 400).

New Theme

Wow, Volume IV!

We decided that Themes for Volume IV should be more… interesting.

After some discussion, we settled on an image and a form word limit for each Theme.


0313 by Cia de Foto on Flickr
0313 by Cia de Foto on Flickr

Form Word Limit:

Instruction Manual, About 250 words.